Basic Apparel

Our story


Back in 2013, Basic Apparel was founded. This was the start of an exciting travel - and it still is. The idea was to create clothes, that people would use again and again. We wished to create that piece of clothes, that you continually grab from your closet, because that particular piece makes you feel most comfortable. It was and still is, clothes like that, we wanted to create for our customers and ourselves.

Furthermore we wanted to give the brand a clean Scandinavian expression - good basic clothing with few details, made with good qualities and reasonable prices.

Our mission is to create good basic clothing that works across collections, generations, tendencies and brands.

We want to work against the flood of fast fashion, and create slow fashion instead. Fashion that lives more than one season, simply because it's everybody's favorite clothing.

Our philosophy was and still is - there is no need to make it harder than it is, which makes our brand simple and basic.

We design every style ourselves and only get our clothes produced at places we feel safe traveling to. We visit our manufacturers many times a year, to ensure that the working environment and our clothes meets our standards.

We are proud to be represented in the following markets so far: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Austria and Israel.

We hope you like our philosophy and our styles as much as we do.

Stay tuned and follow us and our journey.

Lots of love,

// the Basic Apparel team

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