Linn Wold

Linn grew up in a small town in Norway, called Elverum. She spent her days as a little girl drawing or singing karaoke and playing on her keyboard. Already in elementary school her teacher told her that she could be an artist, just like the famous Edward Munch who grew up in the same area. This was definitely not in any dreams of Linn at that time, she wanted to be a vet or a cashier.

As the years went by, Linn got more and more interested in art. She chose the course Arts and Crafts in high school, and she loved every minute of it. At that time she realized that she wanted to work with something creative. The people around her told her it was pretty much impossible to live off of drawing. So she decided to choose a safer way after high school.

Linn spent a couple of years in Florence learning the Italian language and art history, and then she studied graphic design at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo. She also spent a year in Milan to study Art Direction. After a few years back in Oslo with assorted jobs and freelance work as a designer, she decided to move back to Elverum with her family and focus entirely on her own business.

Using social media, especially Instagram, her art suddenly reached out to a lot of people. Now her prints are available through selected retailers all over the world, and the entire collection is also available in the web shop on this site.

The Process

Linn uses a digital Wacom drawing tablet to draw and produce all of her prints.

The process begins way long before she starts on the actual piece. Hours and hours on Pinterest, reading interior magazines and browsing Instagram, makes her head filled up with inspiration for what to do next. Which colors to use, what items to draw, which faces to create.

Each print is printed with ink on high quality matte paper, signed by hand and wrapped in paper tube packaging

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